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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm in Buenos Aires, so naturally in true homo form I have been singing Evita, namely "Watch Out Buenos Aires!". Again I am fitting right in.

Since my last post I have been back to Rio then to Sao Paulo and then on my last long bus ride direct to Buenos Aires.

Sao Paulo, SA's largest city, was good. I didnt stay too long and I am not sure if I would want to. After a while it becomes a bit chlostrophobic and dreary. what I liked about it was that amid all the ugliness you would stumble upon some pretty amazing spots, like a beautiful park, or an old train station, or a market with amazing brazilian fruits and dishes and  desserts.

But now I feel like I am in the Jewel of them all. Buenos Aires. Stunning. It's a close tie with Rio for the most beautiful city. I really love it here, and feel like I could stay for a long time (as it seems many travelers do) It is a bit like New York meets a european city but still has that Latin feel that is so vibrant.

I have 4 days left and plan to make the most of them.

See you all very soon!

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