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Sunday, July 25, 2010


What? You thought I could leave the tropics without at least one tropical disease? well sir, you were mistaken. I am not here merely to see the sights! I am here to experience life at the ground level, to live among the people. Well, maybe not live among the people, but I would say getting Dengue makes me an officially "rugged" traveler. It's all gearing up for the book: earthquakes, diseases and other misadventures of a ruggedly handsome traveler. (coming this summer).

Here is an excerpt from the Dengue Chapter:
This is my 6th day with Dengue. The name is pretty fun to say. And it impresses the hell out of people. It´s way more exotic than your typical travelers diarrhea. That is, when people actually believe me. which can be very frustrating especially when your energy level is too low to argue. What is the point of having a serious tropical virus if people respond with "oh yeah, I had that in bolivia, I had to be like 10 feet from a toilet at all times"... NO! that's DIARRHEA, nothing like Dengue, they just both start with a "D". And please stop telling people your horror stories of diarrhea, unless it was cholera, nobody is impressed, and I would rather not picture you doing that. Now Dengue, people DIE of Dengue! I got it through a MOSQUITO! and we all know only critical illnesses come from mosquitos!
But seriously it kind of sucks. 4 days barely out of bed. No major symptoms other than intense fatigue and bone soreness that is hard to describe. For some reason my appetite is normal, or even bigger. So I'e been  soothing my illness depression with pastries and trix cereal. Have I mentioned that in about every country there are at least two pastry shops on each block? Have I also mentioned that their pastries are delicious? And yet we are the fat country, I don't get it.

Oh yeah, by the way I have been in Medellin. The land of Pablo Escobar! Which actually I got to meet this woman through a friend who was in Medellin during that time, and the half of the conversation that I understood was fascinating. Like he (Pablo) would drive through the streets handing out money. Well, that was about the only thing I understood, but WOW! money. She probably explained that he laundered money through pastry shops, hence the 6 on my block.

Other than that I know very little of Medellin, but I can draw an accurate floorplan of every part of my hostel, and give you a run down of what will be playing on Colombian TV for the next week.

Headed to Bogotà tonight. Going to pick up my Brazilian Visa! (woohoo!) (knock on wood) (is that when you knock on wood? I always get that confused). And then on tuesday I board a plane for Bolivia! (thanks mom and dad) Where I am sure to get a whole new set of infectious bacteria.

Love you guys and miss you a lot,


Monday, July 19, 2010


btdubbs, I´m not sure where caragena is, but carTagena was beautiful (misspelling on my last post). really culturally senstive of me. SPEAKING of cultural sensitivity, yesterday I had one of those times when I felt really in touch with the city and let it just take me... by that I mean I spent 3 hours with an old man who didn´t really understand that concept that my spanish is limited to slow patient conversations. At some point he just forgot or had so much to talk about that he couldn´t be bothered to slow down, even if it meant he was kind of talking to himself. After showing me the Botero Museum (Oh I´m in Medellin now by the way), I walked out trying to quickly segue into a "muchas gracias, hasta luego" but it turns out he doesn´t mind going into internet cafes with random gringos. But this turned out to be an internet cafe/chess-playing-place where he knew like half the old men in there. WELL, Mr. I love a gringo, just drops me at the sight of his friends, and suddenly I was the chaparonne with their kid at the mall in front of a group of school friends. Wouldn't even look at me! So it was time for revenge for the 2 hours of drivel I had to listen, and I introduced myself to all of his friends, who looked at me with that utter contempt that only a man of 80 can display. He was as horrified as a college kid on parents weekend.

So Medellin is going well. It is kind of a smaller more manageable Bogotà, but very similar looking. AND tuesday just so happens to be the Bicentenial of Colombian independence! how crazy! this makes up for that fact that I will prob never see a 2076. Apparently the biggest firework show in South America is happening tonight. But places love to claim the biggest/best/tallest, so you never know, but it should be fun. and I have some local Medellianos (?) to go celebrate with. ANDDDD I´m not sweating through my clothes within 5 minutes of putting them on. So, Medellin is shapping up to be a good time.

Feliz Dia De Independencia Colombia!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Been in Cartagena a few days. It is beautiful, maybe one of the most visually stunning cities I have ever seen. The old part of the city is surrounded by 18th century walls and is complete with a fortress and hundereds of streets lined with beautiful colonial houses draped with bouganvilla, and painted in bright cheerful colors.

That kind of sounded like my attempt to write for Lonely Planet Travel Guides but this place just pulls it out of you. I've spent the last 2 and a half days here and the old city still makes my jaw drop. yes it is a bit touristy, and venders are everywhere and it is HHOOTTT! But the city is worth all of that. Vale la Pena.

Traveling again with two wonderful brits, Charlotte and Andrew. Last night with them, so we are off to dine in the old city, and dance some salsa. and hopefully... some gaga.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The People, The City, The Nightlife, THE SALSA!

It has been a while since my last post, and I know you have all just been anxiously checking for another post, unable to wait any longer! The reason is mostly that I have been having an excellent time, In quito and now I am in Bogotà Colombia, and it has surpassed all expectations. I can say with almost with certainty this is my favorite city. It is the most developed (and wealthy) city I've been in since Santiago, but it has a rich and vibrant culture, and the most kind, friendly and fun people that I have met so far.
I also had a great time in Quito, I met some lovely brits and stayed in this beautiful hostal for the second week there. I got to see just about all of it, but now being in Bogotà I kind of wish I had gotten here sooner. The one downside is it is difficult to stick to my budget, and I hear the coast is even worse.
I am headed north soon to Cartegena, I hear amazing things about it, if it is anything like bogotà with a beach, Its gunna be fun!