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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cataratas de Iguazú (some things just sound better in spanish)

well 40 hours of bus rides later and im in Argentina, on the boarder with Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay at one of the natural wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls. I realize I'm kind of ruining a lot of natural wonders for myself, first glaciers, then volcanoes, and salt flats and now waterfalls, I just can't imagine anything compares.

I walked around the park for a long time and at first I was searching for that moment when the enormity of the falls would just overwhelm me and all of life's questions would become clear and I would know who I was in the world... well I found it doesn't quite work that way. Having seen some amazing impressive sights in my trip I keep finding the moments of wonder and amazement kind of sneak up on me, and they can happen just as easily in a congested city. But it is pretty funny to look around and see other people looking for that same feeling. I finally did have my "aha" moment when I was close enough to the falls to feel the spray. I was both awed by the power and inspired by it to put all of my energy into living. that sounds weird, even to me, and maybe that isn't the best way to say it, but I was just inspired to be...BOLD! that's it, bold.

I really loved Argentina. I went to Mendoza and Cordobá, similar looking cities, it is very reminiscent of Texas or the West (except with mountains!). The people are generally nice and the country just has a good feel to it. I look forward to spending some more time here at the end of my trip.

Tomorrow I am off to Rio de Janeiro! I am very excited. There I will meet Stephanie whom I went to UCLA with. She is from Rio, but moved to the USA when she was 14ish. I will spend a bit more than a week there, then go north to Salvador to stay with friends of Julie's (friend of my Mom's). Apart from being almost broke, the end of my trip is going to be the cherry on the cake of a wonderful adventure.

Happy Birthday DAD! Love You!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mike and Caren...

...f'ing rock (do kids read this? is it just you mom? prob best to censor just in case). It is really nice to hang out with buddies, feels like a somewhat normal life. I have just been lounging around my hostel eating completos (hot dogs with avocado) and hanging out with Mike and Caren and a few other friends I have in Santiago. It is cold here (not for anyone who knows real cold) but it doesn't stop our reveling.

Ima stay here a bit longer than I thought, but then off to Argentina and then Brazil!!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys! Miss everyone. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to the Land of the Empanada

After a stunning 3 day trip through southern Bolivia, I landed back in Chile, and rushed down to Santiago. Feels a bit like coming home. That might be just because I am back in a country with paved roads and toilet seats and friendliness, but either way its good to be back. BUT I quickly found out that I am not out of the woods yet, as about 30 minutes into being in Santiago, my small backpack was stolen. Its getting a bit old. And It's more tiring than anything. What was the hardest to loose was the 100 small cheap things i use everyday, the camera and alpaca sweater were also a bit tough. BUT one thing I have learned on this trip in a big way is acceptance. Traveling alone you got to keep it together, so when things go wrong you have almost no choice but to let it go. you can yell as much as you want at the lady who runs the internet cafe where your backpack was stolen, but A. she wont understand you and B. she doesn't care. SO life goes on, and i still have my passport, and I am not hurt. No more pictures though, sorry, because I know everyone was riveted by my incredible photography! Luckily I downloaded everything up to Colombia, so no Bolivia, or anything from here on out. But again, letting go.

I really am having a great time. and the salt flats really were incredible. it!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well I survived the Dengue, and made it to La Paz, Bolivia. Bolivia is a beautiful country also very much its own. unlike other countries the western influence has not quite made it to this land locked country. Which makes for excellent people watching.
Yesterday in La Paz there was a 12 hour parade. Yes. 12 hours. And I am not sure but I dont think there were even any repeats. I started watching at 10 am and watched for an hour or so. Then everytime I would walk down the main street I was amazed to find it still going, all the way up to 10pm, which i THINK was the end of it. Pretty amazing. I think I am going to be in La Paz for Bolivia's 200 years of independence, so i cant imagine what they do for that. because if i understood it correctly this parade was for the start of the university school year!

Now I'm off to the amazon. Am going to try to work on an animal refuge for a few days. we will see how it goes. that is if i suvive the 18 hour bus ride!

Oh and by the way, I put up more pictures and they should be easier to find. (at the bottom of this page)